Greeting from Ayrat Sibagatullin, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, on the All-Russian Library Day

Dear librarians!

Let me express my warm greetings to you on the All-Russian Library Day!

This day is special for all bibliologists, bibliographers, librarians and those, who honor the Book.

Library is a special cultural spot, the centre for spiritual and cultural life, a witness of history. The evolvement of reading and book publishing industry, improvement of literary processes and librarianship – all this issues remain relevant for our republic, country and society as a whole.

Republican libraries keep up with activities and events unfolding in the cultural arena of our republic. Such successful projects as “Biblioteki v parke” (“Libraries at the parks”), “Bolshaya kniga – vstrechi v provincii” (“A big book – meetings in the provinces”), “Literaturnye dvoriki” (“Literary yards”), “Kulturny dnevnik shkolnika” (“A cultural school record book”); “Kniga goda” (“Book of the year”), “Samy chitayuschy shkolnik” (“The pupil, who read the most books”) contests became popular among Tatarstan readers.

In our republic there are 1530 libraries with 3788 librarians working in them, who fulfill their mission, preserve rich book collections and develop reading. Owing to “Development of librarianship in the Republic of Tatarstan” program republican libraries are being equipped with new furniture and other necessary facilities (stocking of library funds, introduction of new technologies). 90% of Tatarstan libraries provide easy and unlimited access to the Internet. In the National library of the Republic of Tatarstan there are more than 4400 books that have been digitized and are available to every citizen of our republic.

Dear colleagues! You spread culture, respect for the Book and aspiration for Knowledge. I wish you inspiration, rich library collections, grateful readers and confidence in the future! Strength  to you health, creative energy and new achievements in a noble profession!

A.M. Sibagatullin

Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatartstan