Городская детская библиотека - филиал № 37

The work plan of the library

Тhe action plan of the children's library No. 37 for the month of october 2023 


and time Name of events
02.10. - 31.10.2023 From the cycle: "Literary Calendar" series of monthly mini-exhibitions: "Happy anniversary, Writer!"
02.10. - 31.10.2023 Hero of the Day yazuchylarga bagyshlangan maglumat kishtase "Sunmas yoldyzlar" (writers-anniversaries of the Republic of Tatarstan)
02.10. - 10.10.2023 Information table "With a pointer to life" for Teacher's Day
02.10.2023   10.00 Excursion invitation "Welcome to the library"
04.10.2023   13.00 "Protecting animals is our duty!" For the International Animal Protection Day
05.10.2023   13.00 Literary journey "Teacher on the pages of books" for Teacher's Day #YAVSOCIETY
07.10.2023   12.00 Art hour "To my beloved teacher"
09.10.2023   10.00 Tanyp belu sagate "Durt ayakly duslarybyz" within the framework of the project "Akiyat-BELEM"
14.10.2023   12.00 Creative hour "With love for Dad" for Father's Day
16.10.2023   13.00 Hour of reading "Lullaby for a brother" for the 85th anniversary of V.P.Krapivin (1938-2020)
20.10.2023   13.00 Quest-game "My little Homeland" within the framework of the federal program 

21.10.2023    12.00 The hour of creativity "Flying, flying through the sky a tired wedge" according to the work of R.G.Gamzatov for the Day of White cranes
23.10.2023    13.00 Library quiz "Autumn days were sitting on a stump"
Cultural club within the framework of the interdepartmental cultural and educational project "Culture for schoolchildren"
27.10.2023   13.00 Quest game "My little Homeland" within the framework of the federal program "Pushkin Map"
28.10.2023   12.00 Health lesson "In the country of Sportland" for the World Gymnastics Day
30.10.2023   13.00 Virtual magazine "This is news / Yanalyklar"