Городская детская библиотека - филиал № 37

The work of the club "AK KAEN"

The work of the AK KAEN CLUB
according to the program: "Study of the history of culture of the peoples of the Volga region" in online and offline format

Event name Date and venue
1 information shelf dedicated to the writers-anniversaries of the "inextinguishable stars" During the year
2nd book exhibition "Local History in 2D format" during the year
3 book exhibition "Nizhnekamsk – Guzel Kalam / Nizhnekamsk city of dreams" 20.08.-23.09.
4 oral magazines "Funny conversations" Amine Akhmetovna Bikchantayeva – 110 years old (1913-1986) 26.01.
5 star hour "First lesson" on the work of M. Jalil 15.02.
6 informative hours "squeaky shoes" Darzia Appakova – 125 years (1898-1948) 02.03
7 information table "glorious son of our people " Fikrat Akhmetzyanovich Tabeev, 95 years since his birth 03.03.
8 Media trips "in the footsteps of Yalchygul..." 16.03.
9 literary fair "the sun of Tatar poetry" dedicated to the Days of Tukai April
10 literary globes "the decisive stone will split" Garif Galiev – 120 years old 11.05.
11 Literary carousel "do I love guests?"Robert Minnullin is 75 years old 01.08.
12 reading aloud "the child of nature", Lyabiba Ihsanova is 100 years old 23.08.
13 Literary living room "Touches of the history of the lodge