"Bibliolaboratory - 2023" (St. Petersburg) We invite you to participate!

From July 5th - 7th, 2023, St. Petersburg will host the IX Bibliolaboratory. “Bibliolaboratory" is a training conference for active librarians from all over Russia and neighboring countries. Its main mission is to bring together young professionals to exchange experiences and inspire new ideas. The main topic of “Bibliolaboratory-2023” is, “Books, Reading, and the Library.”

Every year, the Bibliolaboratory organizes a platform for three days where librarians can discuss pressing problems, learn about the most modern projects in the library field, find partners for future developments and be inspired regarding future work.

Up-to-date information is updated in the "Bibliolaboratories" VKontakte group (https://vk.com/bibliolabo).

To participate, please complete the application form by May 22nd.

Contact information:

Saint Petersburg

Methodological Department of the Interdistrict Centralized Library System:

Phone: 8 (812) 272-36-60 (ext. 220); 8 (812) 273-22-52,

Mail: bibliolaboratoriya@gmail.com