"The Book of the Future - 2023": Youth Projects Competition

The Russian Book Union, together with the Moscow Polytechnic University, is holding the first international youth projects competition, "The Book of the Future.”

The purpose of the Competition is to support and develop youth initiatives and to promote reading, provide conditions for the professional and personal development of young people in the Russian Federation and CIS countries, assist in the implementation of socially significant projects, and provide opportunities for the synthesis and integration of creative projects on a federal scale through the formation of online and offline communities of the most active young professionals.

The competition will be held in six categories:

  •  "New Formats of Reading" - individual or group projects dedicated to new ways and formats of reading, taking into account the current and future development of technology;
  •  "Social Advertising" - advertising projects (photos, videos, posters) aimed at promoting reading in modern or new formats;
  •  "Promotion on the Internet" - individual or group internet projects aimed at promoting reading in modern or new formats;
  •  "Social Activism and Projects" - individual or group actions, events aimed at promoting reading in modern or new formats;
  •  “Best Writing Practices: Short Essay" - "The role of the Russian language as a language of inter-ethnic communication.” The format of this competitive work is an essay;
  •  "Illustration of the Future" - a free themed competitive work - a series of illustrations (3 to 10), created taking into account possible placement within modern and future book media.

Applications are accepted starting February 14, 2023.

The closing date for applications is March 31, 2023.

Information about the Contest is presented on the websites of the organizers: www.bookunion.ru and www.mospolytech.ru.

Read more: https://bookunion.ru/news/pervyy_mezhdunarodnyy_konkurs_molodyezhnykh_proektov_kniga_budushchego/