An educational program was launched for employees of libraries participating in the, “Preservation of Collections Program.”

The Russian State Library began implementing educational programs for the conservation of documents.

An all Russian monitoring endeavor of the state of library collections of the Russian Federation, conducted by the Russian State Library in 2020, revealed the problems of preserving library collections and the need for a comprehensive solution at a national level.

 In total, forty regional conservation and restoration centers are planned to be opened in between 2022 and 2030.

 In order to coordinate the effort, the Russian State Library has created the Federal Center for the Conservation and Restoration of Library Collections. 

The program includes several training modules: “Conservation of Documents,” "Restoration of Bindings," and, "Classic Paper Restoration.” Classes in groups and individual internships are both part of the educational program to prepare qualified personnel, which is so lacking in the regions.  In order to take part in the competition, it is necessary to fill out and send the application form by December 2, 2022, to the address: