The Annual Meeting of Directors of Russian Libraries Serving Children

 On December 6th -8th, 2022, the Russian State Children's Library, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, is holding the Annual Meeting of Directors of Russian Libraries Serving Children, regarding the topic, "Russian Language and Reading as the Basis for Forming the Country's Cultural Code: Tasks for Children's Libraries.”

 The main areas of discussion will be: the role of children's libraries in the modern cultural and public space;  promotion of the Russian language and children's literature in libraries;  features of the formation of new requirements for the professional competencies of children's librarians;  promoting modern information resources, products and services in the digital environment;  new approaches to the formation of collections of children's literature;  international experience in the support and promotion of children's reading;  new service standards in new generation libraries;  practical aspects of the work of libraries with special needs children.

 Additional information will be published on the website of the scientific and methodological department: