Guidelines Regarding Sanctions and Restrictions Against the Russian Federation

In conditions of economic instability, the state takes special measures to support the population and sectors of the economy that are at risk.

A section has appeared on the government website: ( with information on current support measures under the sanctions.  They are grouped by the two categories of recipients and individual industries and areas of commerce.

Citizens can get up-to-date information about assistance in finding a job and the rules for issuing credit for borrowers. Entrepreneurs can get information about the moratorium on business inspections in Russia, preferential loans for representatives of various industries, and the conditions for a new stage of capital amnesty.

As new decisions are made, the content of the information section will be promptly updated.

You can learn about all the main changes in legislation and measures to support the population and sectors of the economy that are at risk due to the introduction of restrictions on citizens of the Russian Federation and Russian legal entities. You can learn more from the legal reference systems, “ConsultantPlus,” and, “Garant.”

In the. “ConsultantPlus,” system, the heading "Anti-Crisis Measures - 2022,” is highlighted.  A special subsection, “Anti-Sanction Measures 2022,” has been created in the GARANT system (special economic measures and actions aimed at supporting businesses and citizens).

Currently, the authorities are adopting legal acts aimed at stabilizing the country's economy and supporting citizens in the current environment.  All important documents on this topic will be promptly connected to the appropriate collection.