Great Books - In Your Phone

The Ministry of Culture of Russia, together with the Russian State Library, has launched a free mobile application, "NEB Svet,” as part of the development of the National Electronic Library.

The NEB Svet mobile application is a wonderful collection of domestic and foreign literature, as well as the best modern popular science books, selected by the experts of the Russian State Library!

Here you will find stories by Gorky and Turgenev, world-famous plays by Shakespeare and Chekhov, favorite childhood novels by Dickens and Twain, magical poetry by Blok and Tsvetaeva, science fiction by the Strugatskys, fascinating detective stories by Conan Doyle, and much more.  Patrons have access to more than a hundred popular science publications, including the works of Hawking, Maslow and Zimbardo.

In the NEB Svet application, you can not only read books, but also watch movies and performances!  In addition, biographies of famous authors and thematic collections for study and leisure, and quizzes to test your knowledge are also available.  Favorite books will always be "on hand" - you can save books on "your shelf" and they will be available even without the Internet.

All this is completely free, and without distracting ads, in the NEB Svet mobile application.  You can download it to your smartphone or tablet in the AppStore or Google Play, as well as use the web version on your computer.




A package of materials about the NEB Svet mobile application for libraries can be found on the website novabiblioteka.rf (section "Documents", subsection "NEB Svet": https://новаябиблиотека.рф/documents/neb-svet/).