The Internet Portal: “Culture for Schoolchildren”

On April 2, 2022, on International Children's Book Day, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation launched the Culture for Schoolchildren portal, which will collect digital resources about culture for children and youth.

Portal users have access to educational lessons and master classes in artistic reading and singing.  The portal will have performances, lectures, and the best films from Russian cinema.  The materials will be updated to provide the most interesting content for patrons.  The resource can be used as an additional aid in preparation for school lessons.  Access to the portal is free.

The opening of the portal is timed to coincide with the all-Russian activity, "My Favorite Fairy Tale,” which was launched by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Olga Lyubimova.  As part of the online marathon, which will last until April 12, 2022, well-known cultural figures will invite schoolchildren to read author's fairy tales, fairy tales of the people of Russia, and to share videos on social networks.  Schoolchildren across the country can take part in the activity.  They need to read their favorite fairy tale on camera and post a video recording no longer than twenty minutes on the VKontakte social network, under the hashtag #культурадляшкольников.  The best videos will appear on the Culture for Schoolchildren portal, and readers will receive memorable gifts.

Portal "Culture for Schoolchildren": https://культурадляшкольников.рф/