Cultural Code of the People of Russia: The All-Russian Competition

The All-Russian competition of folk arts and crafts, “The Cultural Code of the People of Russia,” has been announced.  The competition is aimed at preserving and developing the diversity of the original traditions of folk arts and crafts of our country by attracting the interest of the younger generation to participate in arts and crafts.

 According to the terms of the competition, participants need to display the folk crafts of the territory where they reside. At the end of the competition there will be an exhibition, a discussion platform, master classes, and a published book about folk crafts in Russia.

 Promotion period: March 10 – July 15, 2022

 Regulations for the all-Russian competition, “Cultural Code of the People of Russia”: http://ассамблеянародов.рф/sites/default/files/polozhenie_o_konkurse_kulturnyy_kod_narodov_rossii.pdf

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