Ticket to the World of Art

At the behest of the President, Russia has developed a program for involving Russian youth in the cultural life of the country. The Government of the Russian Federation, together with Post Bank, has prepared a special, "Pushkin Card,” with which every young Russian, ages fourteen to twenty-two, will receive a certain amount annually.  The money for the, “Pushkin Card,” will come directly from the state and will not be taxed. It can only be used to pay for tickets to cultural events: concerts, exhibitions, and performances.  Starting September 1, 2021, 3,000 rubles will be credited to the card, and from 2022, another 5,000 rubles.

Money can only be spent on payment for events from program partners.  The poster can be viewed on the website культура.рф (https://www.culture.ru/pushkinskaya-karta).  There are already more than a thousand partners in the program and the number is growing.

The project symbolically starts at the beginning of the new academic year, September 1st.  Thus, for the first time in world history, the state will begin to finance culture, directly benefiting the citizens of the country.