"NEB Svet" - Popular Books on Your Phone

One of the main projects of the Ministry of Culture of Russia is the National Electronic Library, which is being implemented by the Russian State Library.  The mobile application, “NEB Svet,” based on the National Electronic Library, was released, and is available, free of charge, on the App Store and Google Play.  It can be downloaded to all mobile devices, is ad-free, and does not require a subscription.  Works included are: school curriculum, classic literature, modern literary masterpieces, and popular science books.

Now there are almost fifteen hundred works available with the application, and this list is updated every month.  All works are published legally.  The selection and preparation of e-books for the mobile application is done by specialists from the Russian State Library.  Each book is accompanied by an interactive card with information about the work, the author and other facts that help to better understand the text, and for schoolchildren to prepare for lesson.ms. 

More details: https://svetapp.rusneb.ru/