Published "Strategy for the Development of Librarianship in the Russian Federation Until 2030"

 On March 13, 2021, a very important document for the library industry was approved - the Strategy for the Development of Library Science in the Russian Federation until 2030.

  The strategy is focused on the comprehensive development of librarianship, modernization of the country's library system, preservation and replenishment of library collections, expanding free and equal access of information to citizens, improving the training of library personnel, as well as introducing information technologies, scientific and methodological support for the activities of libraries.

 The direction of the program will affect the entire library network of the country, including federal, municipal, departmental, scientific, specialized and private libraries.

 A detailed action plan for its implementation will be developed by the Ministry of Culture and submitted to the government in the near future.

 The program will be carried out within the framework of the federal projects, “Cultural Environment,” and, “Digital Culture,” which are included in the national project, “Culture.”