The All-Russian Initiative "Folk Culture for Schoolchildren"

The State Russian House of Folk Art, named after V.D.  Polenov, has started, in all regions of the Russian Federation in 2021, the All-Russian initiative, "Folk Culture for Schoolchildren." The project was organized within the framework of the All-Russian interdepartmental project "Culture for Schoolchildren,” organized by the Ministry of Culture of Russia.  Regional coordinators of the program will be centers of folk art, uniting more than forty-one-thousand club-type institutions.

The all-Russian initiative, "Folk Culture for Schoolchildren," is a series of events that includes research and educational and creative activities aimed at involving schoolchildren of different ages in the study and popularization of the multinational traditional culture of the peoples of the Russian Federation through modern online and offline forms of cultural and leisure activities.

The project, "Folk Culture for Schoolchildren,” is based on the principle of the active personal participation of schoolchildren in all of the proposed kinds of events, designed to increase the creative focus and innovative nature of the project, as well as to ensure a high level of interest among its participants.

Dates of the project: January-March 2021.

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