The National Project, "Culture": A Model Library Opened in the Vysokogorsky Municipal District of Tatarstan

On October 1, 2020, in the Vysokogorsky municipal district of Tatarstan, the updated Chernyshevskaya rural library opened its doors to visitors.  The library was modernized within the framework of the national project, “Culture".

The opening took place with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Culture of theRepublicofTatarstan, Lenar Khakimzyanov, and Director of the National Library of theRepublicofTatarstan, Madina Timerzyanova.

In a modern and comfortable space, you will find discussion groups, consultation centers and lecture halls.  For people with disabilities, a ramp and special stalls for people with limited mobility have been installed at the entrance, a book-exchange shelf has appeared, where everyone can choose a book to their liking without registration.  The book collection of the library has been updated by more than two-thousand books, which will be located in the public domain.

The reincarnation of the library in Chernyshevka is the third in a row in the republic.  Prior to this, model libraries were opened in the Spassky and Arsky municipal districts of Tatarstan.