VIII All-Russian Forum of Public Libraries "Municipal Libraries of the New Generation: Regional View"

The Forum, "Municipal Libraries of the New Generation: Regional View,” will take place on November 13-14, 2020, in St. Petersburg.  This will be the library platform for the IX Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

 The Forum is organized by the National Library of Russia, the Russian State Library, the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, with the support of the Russian Library Association and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

 The Forum will be attended by municipal model libraries that have undergone modernization via federal, regional and extra-budgetary funds.

 Registration of participants will take place from October 1, to November 6, 2020, on the website of the Public Library Forum.

 More details: http: //novaibliboteka.rf/assets/files/informacionnoe-pismo-forum-pb-2020_.pdf

 http: //novaibliboteka.rf/news/s-1-oktyabrya-nachinaetsya-registraciya-na-viii-vserossijskij-forum-publichnyh-bibliotek