The Project, “Seasons of the Book: Fairy Tale in the Bookstore.”

Publishers, federal and regional bookstores, and well-known authors announce the beginning of a large-scale project, "Seasons of the Book.” Its goal is to support readers across Russia by informing them when bookstores are ready for their return after all the restrictive measures.  The first action within the framework of the project, "Fairy Tale in the Bookstore," is aimed at the most important visitors - children.

 The organizers of the initiative are the Russian Book Union, Book Industry magazine, The Association of Book Distributors of the Independent States, and The Association of Russian Book Publishers.

 Events will take place from the 6th through the 8th of August 2020.  More than a thousand bookstores, twenty-three publishing houses, and thirty popular authors in more than two-hundred cities of Russia will take part in the initiative. 

 A great program of events awaits readers with the Seasons of the Book.  Writers, psychologists, and teachers will read excerpts from their works, hold master classes for children and lectures for parents.  All videos will be collected on the special channel: “Seasons of Thrones Book,” at: Clients can watch what they are interested in at any time.

 In bookstores all over Russia you will find fabulous discounts on books for and about children.

 More detailed information about the project,  “Seasons of the Book: A Fairy Tale in the Bookstore,” is available on the website of the Russian Book Union: