Special Project, “Metamorphoses: A One Day Festival”

 In the fall of 2020, the Academy of N.S.  Mikhalkov, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, plans to implement a special project, “Metamorphoses: A One Day Festival,” which will tell about the work of the great classic authors, P.  Chekhov and I.A.  Bunin.

 The project is being put on, after much success, for the third year. The festival has been held in eight cities across the country and the total number of participants has climbed to more than eight-thousand people.  This year, as part of the project, there is a plan to hold a series of free events for residents of the largest cities in the Volga region.  Kazan will become one of the four host cities and will host the festival on October 8th.

 The following events are planned for the festival:

  • a lecture on the work of A.P.  Chekhov for a wide range of listeners;
  • a master class for professional actors and graduate students attending specialized universities;
  • am exhibition, “Chekhov,” put together jointly by the State Literary and Memorial Museum and Collection of A.P.  Chekhov, "Melikhovo";
  • the main event of the festival will be the performance of the creative institution of the Academy, “Metamorphoses V: Madrid,”  the artistic director of which is the People's Artist of the Russian Federation, N. S. Mikhalkov.

 All events will be held on the premises of the Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theater named after M. Jalil.

 More details: https://academynsm.ru/ru/