Webinar “How Books Will Change After Quarantine: What is Important and What Cannot Be Done.”

 In 2020, libraries around the world took on a new challenge and began functioning in a pandemic.  As restrictive measures are phased out, libraries are preparing to reopen, while trying to ensure optimal safety for their staff and readers.
 On June 22, at 12:15, the PRO.Kultura.rf platform will host a webinar called, “How Books Will Change After Quarantine: What is Important and What Cannot Be Done,” where the following topics will be considered:
 - the problem of disinfection in the preservation of documents;
 - why quarantine and disinfection can damage books;
 - Tips for book management professionals when ending quarantine.
 Together with expert Alexei Kashcheyev, head of the preventive preservation sector of the documents of the Office for the Preservation of RSL Funds, specialists will figure out how to tow the fine line between readers' safety and the preservation of books.
 You can connect to the webinar at: https://events.webinar.ru/procultrf/5271517?fbclid=IwAR30GIv….
 The website of the Russian State Library has posted the document “Recommendations for Libraries on the Handling of Books & Documents & the Conditions for Reducing the Risks of the Proliferation of a New Coronavirus Infection COVID-19”.
 In addition, employees of the international department of the RSL prepared a review of the topic, “Resuming Library Services for Readers: A Foreign Experience,” which highlights the experience of the already opened national libraries of China and several European countries.
 Other interesting reviews of the work of libraries during the pandemic period are available in the, "Professionals," section of the RSL website.