Competition for the the Russian Geographical Society Award, 2020

Until June 1, 2020, applications for the Russian Geographical Society Award, 2020, will continue to be accepted.  You can apply on the the Russian Geographical Society website:, by filling out a special form.

 The Russian Geographical Society Award is a prestigious award in the field of national geography, ecology, preservation and for the popularization of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Russia, as well as support for advocates of geographical science and education.  Established in 2014, It is held once every two years and has international status.

 The prize is awarded to successfully implemented projects: for results of scientific research, outstanding expeditions, innovative ideas in the field of education and learning, popular science films, television, and publishing projects about geography, nature conservation, ethnography, history and the culture of Russia.

 An individual or organization from any country of the world can apply for the award, provided that the project is focused on Russia.

 For more information about the steps for competing for the award, the procedure for filing and the process used for evaluating applications, see the 2020 CONCEPT at: .