International Literary Competition of Small Prose, "EtnoPero,” 2020

Sverdlovsk Regional International Library announces the beginning of the International Literary Contest of Small Prose, “EtnoPero,” 2020.

 The competition has been held since 2016, to strengthen civil unity and harmonize interethnic and interfaith relations; to promote the ethnocultural diversity of the people of Russia;  to prevent extremism and various forms of intolerance.

 In 2020, the competition "EtnoPero,” is accepting entries for two categories:

  "The Main Competition”. The subject of works submitted to the competition should be connected with the people of Russia, their history and original culture, or should be dedicated to the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Russian Federation.  Also, works submitted can be devoted to the subjects of positive interethnic interaction and intercultural dialogue;

 There will be a special nomination, “People of Russia Under the Banner of Victory,” dedicated to the year of memory and glory in the Russian Federation.

 The Great Patriotic War left a deep mark on the fate of the people of the former Soviet Union, and made a huge sacrificial contribution to victory in the war of 1941-1945.  Entries for special nomination in the competition may be related to the actions of the people of the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War and/or devoted to the fate of people on whom the events between 1941 to 1945 left an indelible imprint.

 Entries for the competition will be accepted from March 15th to July 31, 2020, by e-mail:, marked "EtnoPero Competition".

 More information can be found at: