The All-Russian interactive Olympiad "Russia in the Electronic World”

In the new academic year, the Presidential Library, for the tenth time, will hold the All-Russian Interactive Olympiad "Russia in the Electronic World,” on the subjects of "History", "Social Studies,” and the “Russian Language.”

Students in educational programs of secondary (complete) general education (both Russian and foreign citizens) can take part in the Olympiad by filling out the application form to participate in the event.

The Olympiad takes place in several stages for all subjects.  The first stage of the Olympiad, for history, social science and the Russian language, starts on September 19, with Russian as a foreign language - on October 1, 2019.  The tasks of the qualifying stages are performed remotely on the website of the Olympiad.

The final intramural stage of the Olympiad is held in the remote reading rooms of the Presidential Library in regions of Russia and abroad.

An information video and details about the project are presented on the website: