Congratulation to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, Irada Ayupova, on the All-Russian Day of Libraries

On May 27th it will be the All-Russian Day of Libraries!

Dear employees of libraries!

Accept the most sincere congratulations on your professional holiday!

Throughout time libraries have been the entrance into the world of knowledge, stories and art for millions. Without a culture of books it is impossible to speak about national originality, traditions of statehood and a country's level of development. The modern library is an authentic source of knowledge, a center of spiritual culture and information, and a territory for free communication and practical leisure. It is an important social institution and it provides a central place for disseminating communications and relations in society.

Today the Republic of Tatarstan possesses one of the largest library networks in the country: 1,514 public libraries, including 4 republican and 1510 municipal libraries. The republic has made its best efforts to ensure library science has what is necessary to develop, therefore today each library is not only a book-depository, but also a center for research, scientific scholarship, and a center for the public. The National Culture Project set the precedent for the development of a strategy for creating models for libraries for a new generation.

During the era of information in society, the role of librarians has changed also. You are now providers in the field of authentic knowledge, helping to work with a large number of information sources.

Allow me to thank you for your inspired work and love for the profession! Your enthusiasm always was one of the most powerful engines which has formed the cultural and moral wealth of society.

Accept the kindest wishes for your health and well-being. We hope for  successful endeavors and grateful readers for you!

Minister I. Kh. Ayupova