The Runet Award 2018: Published Short List

The professional club, "The Runet Award," has created a short list at:

The portals, "The National Electronic Library of the Republic of Tatarstan," and, "Electronic Formation of the Republic of Tatarstan," were elected for the competitive short list, "The Runet Award of 2018,"  being nominated for "Leaders of Digital Transformation. Projects" (see:

The Runet Award is a national award in the field of technology and the Internet, which acknowledges the outstanding accomplishments of leading companies. The professional club, "The Runet Award," votes for the best projects, making short lists of the winners for each nomination: State and Society; Economy and Business; Media and Leisure; Technology and Innovation; Education and Personnel; Cyber Security; Volunteering in Russia; Mass Media and Communications; Children's Runet; Mobile Appendix; Leaders of Digital Transformation; Online Purchases: Business, State, Regional; Community of the Year on Facebook (