The seminar for the heads of republic and municipal libraries of the Republic of Tatarstan

     From November 12-14th, 2012 there was a seminar for the heads of republic and municipal libraries of Tatarstan on the base of the sanatorium «Sosnovy bor» («Pinery»). The seminar also combined in itself the meeting of the heads of centralized systems of republic libraries. It was the first time when the meeting was held offsite on the base of the sanatorium. This was a novelty for the republic libraries system because it is a well-spread form of holding the meetings in other countries.
     During the workshop there was a meeting of the library directors with A.M. Sibagatullin, the minister of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, where the achievements of librarians and topical problems for all libraries were discussed.   
     The main program of the event included two-day workshops on the topic «The managing skills development for the directors of libraries». The changing of sociocultural environment, the needs of users, and introduction to new informative technologies snowed new needs of the library staff.

     The event was organized within the framework of realizing the long-term purpose-oriented republic program «The development of the library affair in the Republic of Tatarstan at 2009-2014 and in prospect until 2020».