Кузкеевская сельская библиотека - филиал № 26

A brief history

In the village of Kuzekeevo first club opened in 1920. The club was just for men, at that time girls were not allowed to participate at events.

With news from Newspapers acquainted club head.   The first books have been preserved, it has helped the opening of the library. At first it was called "the reading – room". In 'Izbaci" the day was a kindergarten, in the evening it was a gathering place for young people, where meetings were held, hands-free reading.

New rural house of culture was built in 1970, and there was allocated the place for the library. Worked in the library:

1961 - Salikhova Halima,

1962 - Zainullina Rose (Sabirov)
1964 - Gabdrakhmanov Gulhane,
1968-Khusainova Nazir,

1971-The Zakirova Gulfam,

1972-Mubarakshina Faima,

1973-Sabirova Rabiga,

1974 - Country Naila.
Since 1975, the library has Shayhenurova  Tensile Akhunova.