My first school dictionary

The first acquaintance with dictionaries happens in elementary school. It is essential that the first dictionaries that picks up the student, were comfortable, not too "academic" and would cause no rejection, but rather the desire to use them. Staff information-bibliographic Department presented the first graders with their first dictionary is a spelling dictionary, dictionary of stress, monolingual dictionary, bilingual dictionaries. The students learned that the dictionaries there is even a holiday. It is celebrated on 22 November in the day of the birth of Vladimir Ivanovich Dal, author of "Explanatory dictionary of the live great Russian language". Children participated in game tasks, they was looking for the meanings of words in dictionaries and translated words with the help of Russian-Tatar dictionary. The guys learned how to use dictionaries, remember the definitions of different types of dictionaries. The children learned that the dictionary is their faithful assistants, good advisers and wise. They will help them at the lessons of Russian language and literature, at home during homework.