"He sees the land with altitude"

31.10.2015. In the conference hall of the library hosted a creative evening of Boris Permina "He sees the land with altitude". Member of the literary Association "Danko" presented the various facets of his poetry: civil and love lyrics, parodies, and even fables. Supported his friend in Peru N. Bochkarevа, O. Ablakatova, N. Matveev, V. Tarasov, A. Skulkina, Aracki, who shared his thoughts on the works of Boris Alexandrovich, as well as read his poetry. There were also songs on poems B. Permina performed by R. G. beshimova and Sharapova.
One of the Hobbies of this talented man is the sport. For many years Boris has dedicated to paragliding. The guests of the meeting were shown videos of his flights over the Kama river and the Caucasus mountains. The audience watched with interest for the picturesque beauties of our homeland from the height of bird flight and listened to poems written under the impression of such a memorable flight. Presented a mini-exhibition of literature "dreams of heaven" on the modeling and skydiving.