Сельская библиотека пос. Трудовой - филиал № 34

The history of creation

Library of the village Labor was opened in may 1969. The first librarian of the village was Nosov Lyubov Sergeyevna.

In 1971, Lyubov Sergeyevna for family reasons moved to Sheremetyevo.

Then the library was transferred to different hands.

From July 1988 commenced work librarian shaykhutdinova Rome Mubarakzyanova. The library soon became one of the best in the system.

But... disaster struck... 23 February night in 1991 burned down the House of culture and library. Burned all: nothing left.

House sports and cultural complex at the stadium – were given to the library. Thanks to the leaders of the Nizhnekamsk CBS, and the division of acquisition, the library has received a lot of books in a short time, which was preserved many libraries Nizhnekamsk CBS from your Fund. The library strongly assembled with new acquisitions. And at the end of 1992, already in the library became 7397 copies of books.

In 2002, the library moved into the new House of culture.