Больше-Афанасовская сельская библиотека - филиал № 14


Terms of use


1.1. These Rules are developed according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the law of the Russian Federation "Bases of the legislation on culture", Laws of the Russian Federation and RT "about library business", other legislative and regulatory documents of RT, the Charter of municipal budgetary institution "the Centralized library system of Nizhnekamsk", municipal budgetary institution "the inter-Settlement library system of the Nizhnekamsk municipal region of the Republic of Tatarstan" (hereinafter referred to as Nizhnekamsk CBS).
1.2. The founder of MBU "CBS Nizhnekamsk", MBU "MBS Nizhnekamsk municipal district of RT" is the Executive Committee of Nizhnekamsk municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan.
1.3. CBS library Nizhnekamsk is a non - profit organization funded from the municipal budget in a position to replicate the Fund documents intended for public use and permanent storage.
1.4. Libraries of Nizhnekamsk CBS are information, cultural, educational and leisure institutions that perform the functions of: formation, storage and provision of different types of documents to users in all branches of knowledge, taking into account the interests and requests of its users.
1.5. Libraries Nizhnekamsk CBS operates in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, regulations of the Ministry of culture and mass communications of the Russian Federation and Tatarstan, the Statute of the IBU and these "Rules".
1.6. "Library rules" reglamentary General organization of the user experience of Nizhnekamsk and Nizhnekamsk district, the rights and obligations of libraries Nizhnekamsk CBS and users.


2.1. Users of Nizhnekamsk CBS have the right to be both physical and legal persons (enterprises, institutions, firms). All library users have the right to freely access libraries and select the branch structural unit of the library in accordance with their needs and interests.
2.1.1. Users of specialized children's Nizhnekamsk CBS branches, the Central children's library can be children from 0 to 16 years of age (preschoolers and pupils of 1-9 classes of educational schools), their parents, professionals working with children who have a professional attitude towards children's literature and children's reading, students of educational institutions in the sphere of "culture" or "pedagogy" (Civil code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter the civil code), article 26 (paragraph 1), article 28 (paragraph 1, 3). FZ, article 7 (paragraph 4), article 5 (paragraph 1), article 8 (paragraph 4)).
2.1.2. Users of Nizhnekamsk CBS of childhood and adolescence have the right to library services in specialized children's libraries, family-type libraries, rural branches of Nizhnekamsk CBS.
2.2. Library users have the right to be served in two state languages of the Republic of Tatarstan.
2.3. Citizens who have temporary registration in the city of Nizhnekamsk and Nizhnekamsk region and enjoy the reading rooms free subscription - bail.
2.4. Legal entities use the collections of libraries of Nizhnekamsk CBS on the basis of contracts. (FZ, Art. 13 (item 6)).
2.5. The main document granting the right to use the funds of Nizhnekamsk CBS is the reader's form.
2.6. Library users have the right to receive free Of charge:

* full information on the composition of funds through the system of catalogs and card files Nizhnekamsk CBS, other forms of library information;
* information on the availability of a specific document in the Fund;
* advice on finding and selecting sources of information;
• the temporary use of any document from the collections of the Nizhnekamsk CBS
or a copy on paper or other media in a form that does not allow commercial copying of the document by the user or other persons. (Law, article 7; Federal law "On copyright and related rights", article 19, paragraph 2);
* to use the services of interlibrary subscription.

2.7. Users of Nizhnekamsk CBS have the right to provide paid services in accordance with the "regulations on paid services in the MBU "CBS Nizhnekamsk" and MBU "MBC Nizhnekamsk municipal district" approved by the Director of the CBS.
2.8. Library users also have the right to:

* participate in all events held in libraries of Nizhnekamsk CBS;
* to be elected and elected to the public library Council; to participate in the library report to the public at the end of the year;
• to Express their views and opinions on the activities of libraries and individual employees;
* make proposals to improve the work of libraries of Nizhnekamsk CBS, improve its structure;
* persons awarded orders, invalids of all categories and participants of the great Patriotic war, Veterans of labor have the right to extraordinary and free service;
* persons with disabilities may be serviced, where necessary, directly at their homes by library staff;
* appeal to the court against the actions of officials who infringe their rights.

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3.1. Users Nizhnekamsk CBS must comply with the rules of use of the library, respect the work of employees (FZ, Art. 9).
3.2. Users who have violated The rules and caused damage to the library (physical damage of documents, loss of document, or violation of the terms of return of documents taken, which entails infringement of the rights of other users of the library), must compensate it in the following order:
3.2.1. In case of loss or damage of documents from the library collections-are obliged:

• replace them with the same or a recognized equivalent library;
• in case of impossibility of replacement compensate their value, from calculation of market cost of the lost document on

offset the cost of a copy of a lost or damaged document.

3.2.2. In case of late return of publications and failure to take measures to extend the period of use, the measures specified in paragraphs 7.7 and 7.8 shall be applied to the reader. this rule.
3.2.3.Parents, guardians, educational institutions, educational and medical institutions under the supervision of which they are members are responsible for the loss of press works and other documents from the library collections, irreparable damage or damage and violation of the terms of return of documents by underage users. (Civil code, article 22 (paragraph 4.1)).
3.2.3. In case of late return of publications and failure to take measures to extend the period of use, the measures specified in paragraphs 7.7 and 7.8 shall be applied to the reader. this rule.
3.2.4. In other cases of damage to property or library staff, users are liable in accordance with applicable law. (GK, UK).
3.3. Upon receipt of the document the user is obliged:

* carefully review it and, in case of any defects, inform the librarian, who is obliged to make appropriate marks on the issued document;
* take care of documents from the library collections: do not make any marks in them, do not pull out or bend pages, do not take out of the premises of libraries (departments), if the documents are not issued by the librarian, return them within the prescribed time;
* sign for each document received in libraries (except preschoolers) in the form.

3.4. The form of the reader, the book form, leaf maturity of a document certifying the date and facts on the issue of documents and receive them as a librarian.
3.5. In time, established by MBU "CBS Nizhnekamsk" and MBU "MBS Nizhnekamsk municipal district", the user must re-register the reader's documents upon presentation of the passport. By the time of re-registration the reader should pay off the debt in the structural units of libraries. Persons in arrears are not allowed to use the library until full repayment of the debt.
3.6. The user is also obliged to:

* respect the property of libraries;
* do not violate the placement of funds in departments with open access to them, do not remove cards from catalogs and cards;
• do not log-in clothes, in the library room;
• to make the library large bags, backpacks, packages, etc. (they need to be left in the wardrobe);
* observe the rules of conduct in public places.


4.1. The library has the right:

* approve by approval by the Founder (mu Management of culture of Executive Committee of the Nizhnekamsk municipal region of the Republic of Tatarstan) " rules of use of library»;
* independently determine the content and forms of professional activity in accordance with the goals and objectives specified in the law of the Republic of Tatarstan "on library science" and the Charter;
• independently manage the financial, human resources;
* independently determine the sources of acquisition of their funds, with the exception of a mandatory copy of the documents;
* to carry out economic activities in order to expand the list of services provided to users of the library and the social and creative development of the library, provided that this does not prejudice its core activities;
* withdraw and implement documents from their funds, except for documents related to cultural and historical values in accordance with the procedure for the exclusion of documents and existing legal acts;
* determine the types and amounts of compensation for moral and material damage and harm caused by the user of the library; determine the amount of collateral; the cost of additional paid services (The law of the Republic of Tatarstan "on libraries and libraries" St. 12);
* determine the conditions of use of the library Fund on the basis of contracts with individuals and legal entities;
• collaborate with libraries and other agencies, to conduct inter-library book exchange;
* perform other actions that do not contradict the law.


5.1. The library is obliged to:

• to be guided in its activities by the principles of humanism, political and ideological pluralism;