Городская библиотека филиал №1

"Pantry of Knowledge"


With the pupils of grade 8B, secondary school №16, they played their game "Pantry of Knowledge". The event was aimed at generalizing knowledge in all subjects. We managed to involve everyone in the activity. Students answered questions on literature, geography, chemistry, mathematics. They even held a discussion, because the questions were tricky and everyone had their own answer to the question asked. We introduced the children to new books and invited them to visit our library during the holidays.

Then there was a conversation "Safe Internet". What is the Internet for? What types of fraud exist on the Internet and how can you protect yourself from them? The virtual interlocutor offers to meet, what should be done? How to keep yourself safe when using instant messaging services.

The class hour passed in a friendly, intellectual and cheerful atmosphere. The number of those present is 33 people.

Presented - 8 books.

Viewed - 14 books.