Городская библиотека филиал №1

"Does someone else's trouble happen?"

Purpose: 1. Formation of universal human values: kindness, attention to one's neighbor.

2. To cultivate feelings of tolerance, mercy, empathy for people with disabilities.

The debate dedicated to the Decade of Disabled People began with an explanation of the reasons for the emergence of the International Day of Disabled Persons in Russia: its necessity and significance. On this Day, there is once again an opportunity to draw public attention to the problems of people with disabilities, to show that disability is just a condition of the body. The students were told about the Paralympic Games and their participants. These are strong-minded people who prove not only to themselves, but to everyone around them that illness is not a sentence. And many healthy people should look up to them.

Gradually, the debate turned to a review of books and periodicals. The main book was Boris Polevoy's "The Story of a Real Man". Periodicals revealed the feat of courageous people with a kind heart and strong spirit. They found the strength to overcome their hardships in life, to withstand and live a full and interesting life. We watched the short film Every 88, dedicated to autistic children.

The children also got acquainted with the works of art by writers who, with physical disabilities, created wonderful works, loved by readers of different generations.

Presented - 6 books

Periodicals - 8 copies.

Viewed - 14 copies.

The number of those present is 51 people.