Городская библиотека - филиал № 13

The most popular book of autumn.

“For every book its own reader” that was a motto of our book and reading promotion for high readership in library 13. Every season has its own mood, that means its own position to books that are read. That promo was organized for our readers, visitors of our library. Participants  wrote the name of book, which they liked most. From the first moment promo became really popular and attracted attention of readers. During one hour about 30 people: children, adults, young people left their notes and comments.

Nearby there was a book exhibition “World literature masterpiece”.  Every day books have been changed, as most of books interested our readers and they took them home.  

There was express-survey “I like to read” with aim to discover informational needs of readers.

The flashmob “Spend a minute for a reading” had a success among young people. They read with a big enthusiasm. For reading of just a fragment of fiction was required only 1 minute. The aim of promo was – you don’t have to owe so much time to read, it’s enough to have just few minutes.

Within promo there was also organized a book crossing “A reader gives to a reader”. Everyone brought a book to the library, in order that book could start a fascinating journey and find new readers.