Городская библиотека - филиал № 13

We praise the golden age

On October 7


within the old-aged people decade our library together with Regional public council ‘Svetly” carried out a thematic party “We praise the golden age”. Party’s program was different. All the guests took a part in literary games and quizzes; in a competition for the best performance of songs and limericks. The scene sounded with poems of russian and tatar writers. Old-aged people exchanged their experience. Instead of modern dances they reeled. The competition “Guess the melody” united all the attended people, where young and older generation tried to guess melodies of different years and modern as well. Participants competed in intellectual competitions. Also they got to know about the history of that day, about peculiarities of it’s celebration in other countries. Guests chatted, remembered their youth. They told about their favorite authors and books. A book exhibition “In a harmony with age’ was really popular. The event was full of artistic performances that were prepared by pupils of school №33.