Верхнешитцинская сельская библиотека - филиал № 7

Тhe history of the library

The history of the Verkhnie Shitsy’s library

The first library was founded in 1948 in the village Verkhnie Shitsy. People called it as “The red corner”.

The library is located in Lenin Street, 31. There are the library, the kindergarten, first-aid post and Cultural center in one building. The head is Zagidullina V.M.

There are 763 people live in service area and 578 from them are our active users. There are 98 children and 120 teenagers among them.

The fund of the library is 12124 books, the loan is 11361. The library is equipped with computers, printers and with the Internet. Issuing points are in the village N.Shitsy and Elashego.

2015 is the year of Literature, therefore we work by special programs – “Literature and time”, take part in different competitions and conferences.