Казанче-Бигенейская сельская библиотека - филиал № 12

“Chitalnaya Izba”

In 1938 in the village Kazanche-Bigeney was opened new building for reading – “Chitalnaya Izba”. In 1972 the library was moved in new back-connected house. And then in 1989 it was moved in the club.

There are 8241 books in the library and 504 readers nowadays. This library refers to 3 villages: Kazanche-Bigeney, Akkyl-Bigeney, Mamalaevo. And you can get books in Mamalaevo’s club.

With the beginning of the year of Literature was made the program to the whole year of working – “I’ll be with books forever”.

Also in according to the purpose of attracting children and teenagers to read books with patriotic themes were made the program “The patriotic upbringing of children and teenagers”.