Бурдинская сельская библиотека - филиал № 8


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The Burdinsky rural library invites you to a drawing lesson on the water - Ebru. Drawing Ebru on water means that the surface for applying the pattern is literally a liquid. However, this is not ordinary water, and special paints are needed here. Hevea extract is added to the liquid – it makes it thick and viscous, so that the colored drops do not sink and do not mix, as in ordinary water. The paints themselves are made on the basis of bovine bile and special minerals. Ebru does not assume that the drawing should be clear and even: the whole technique is based on abstraction and an arbitrary pattern. Liquid paints spread well on the surface, and with the help of thin sticks and combs, the artist gives the circles on the water a shape. At the end of the drawing, it can be transferred to a paper sheet, and professionals are able to use other surfaces: wood, fabrics, ceramics, leather.