Ильбухтинская сельская библиотека - филиал № 7

"In the footsteps of the works of G. Tukai"

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The Village Library will hold Literary readings. "The Magical world of Tukai". Children as a hope for the future of the people are always in the center of Tukai's attention. In his work, children's literature is being formed as a separate direction. His poems for children "The Child and the Butterfly", "Work", "Work", "Gali and the Goat", "Funny Student", etc., written in pure Tatar in shades accessible to children, are imbued with the desire to educate children in love with their native language, honesty, morality, diligence, literary taste. His poems, which have brought up more than one generation of children, will live, as he himself said, "as long as the nation is alive."