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"International Day against Drug Addiction"

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Without exaggeration, drug addiction can be called the most terrible phenomenon of our century. More and more people trying to escape from problems and stresses get into her insidious networks every day. But the price of such an "escape" turns out to be too high, and the results of the experiment on themselves for the most part turn out to be irreversible. And those feelings that seemed to be salvation from real problems and failures become an endless nightmare and absolute emptiness. The use of narcotic and toxic drugs leads to moral degradation of the individual, physically destroys the body and eventually leads to death. Relatives and close people of such a person also suffer. Therefore, initially choosing drugs as a means of avoiding life's problems is an unforgivable and disastrous decision for every person. That is why the World Day against Drug Addiction was established, reminding all mankind of this terrible disease.

We urge EVERYONE to give up drugs, to say a firm "NO" to people who treat drugs