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85 years since the birth of Ilham Shakirov

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February 15 is the birthday of people's artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Ilgam Shakirov. He would have turned 85 years old. On the occasion of the singer's anniversary, the library organized a book exhibition "85 years since the birth of Ilgam Shakirov", where information about the work of the people's artist was collected. Ilgam Shakirova is an outstanding representative of Tatar culture, who created his own vocal and performing school. Possessing the style of folk performance, he included in his repertoire not only Tatar folk songs, but also classical works (arias, romances) and works of Tatar composers, as well as modern Tatar pop song. Ilgam Shakirov also performed works of Kazakh, Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Karakalpak, and Bashkir music.