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"I am a poet and a prose writer"

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Galimjan Girfanovich Ibragimov was born on March 12, 1887 in the village of Sterlitamak district of Ufa province (now Aurgazinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan). He received his initial education in a rural madrasah and an elementary Russian school. In 1906-1908 in Ufa, he studied at the madrasa "Galiya". Ibragimov's first story "The Expulsion of Zaki Shakird from the madrasah" appeared in 1907 in the newspaper "El-Islah. Among the first stories are "Victims of Love", "The Fate of a Tatar woman" (the first version) and the historical work "Culture of ancient Islam". In 1909, G. Ibragimov moved to Kazan and decided to devote himself to literary work, and in 1912 he published the first major work "Yash yoraklar" ("Young Hearts"), which brought him popularity.