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Childhood scorched by war

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The role of front-line soldiers in the victory over nazi Germany cannot be overestimated. However, in the rear, people also selflessly did everything to win. The great women's and children's feat in the rear will never be erased in the memory of the people on a par with the men's feat at the fronts. How much have these selfless people endured on their shoulders, working in the fields and meadows from dawn to dawn, restoring the land destroyed by war, patiently waiting for their husbands and fathers, brothers and sons. Today, you can count on your fingers our home front workers, who are becoming fewer and fewer among us every year. On the eve of the Great Victory, the library will host a meeting with home front workers and war children – whose childhood and youth fell during the harsh years of the Great Patriotic War, who endured all the hardships of the war years on their shoulders, which gave us all a peaceful life.