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Welcome, Navruz!

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Navruz is a holiday of spring, beauty and renewal of nature. It is celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox – March 21st. On this day, the Yana Bulyak village Library will host a festive event "Welcome, Navruz!" The librarian will tell about the history of the holiday, about folk traditions and customs, about national dishes that are usually prepared only for this holiday. Guests of the event will also learn that on this day it is necessary to show love for neighbors, respect and care for older people. During the holiday we will meet the hostess of the holiday Navruzbika and Santa Claus, who still does not want to let go of his rights.There will be fun contests, we will solve riddles, remember proverbs and sayings about spring, read poems and congratulations to Navruz. The event will end with a tea party with delicious pancakes.