Яна-Булякская сельская библиотека - филиал № 27

Musa Jalil. Courage will remain forever…

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Soviet Tatar poet and journalist, war correspondent, Hero of the Soviet Union, Lenin Prize laureate Musa Jalil was born on February 15, 1906 in the village of Mustafino, Orenburg region. The library will host an hour of patriotic education dedicated to the heroism of the poet. The librarian will tell about the poet's difficult fate, about his immortal feat. Participants of the event will be able to get acquainted with the book exhibition "My Poems are living witnesses", which will feature materials about the life and work of a talented writer, his immortal works, the famous "Moabite Notebook". At the end, the librarian will conduct a quiz on the works of M. Jalil.