Яна-Булякская сельская библиотека - филиал № 27

My small homeland

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Each person has his own "small homeland" – the place where he was born and grew up: his home, city, his land. Villages, like people, have their own destiny, their own face and their own character. The village of Yana Bulyak also has its own destiny, its own heroic history. The library will host a local history hour to study the history of the native land. After watching the presentation, the participants of the event will get acquainted with the sights of the village of Yana Bulyak, people who have become the pride and honor of the district and the republic, find out what it was like in different historical years. A book exhibition "Pages of the history of our village" will be organized for the event At the end of the event, the children will be able to participate in the quiz "The Edge, my native land"