Биюрганская сельская библиотека - филиал № 23

"Memorial Day"

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The Biyurgan Library invites you to an event dedicated to the memory day of the village of Toyguzino. Fellow villagers are invited to the event. The "Memorial Day" will begin with a prayer near the memorial stone. Azan will be read by Raim Gatiyatullin, Salih Shaikhraziev – prayers. A minute of silence will honor the memory of the village, the now deceased villagers. There will also be a survey exhibition "The History of the village". Guests will be able to see the exhibition – installation "Work for hands – joy for the heart" for lovers of needlework. At the exhibition, they will be able to see household items of our grandparents, made with their own hands. The folklore ensemble "Yaran Gol", in national clothes, will also perform. They will show a production for the holiday, reflecting the ancient rite of making a washcloth.