Биюрганская сельская библиотека - филиал № 23

Echoes of the Afghan War

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    February 15 - International Soldiers' Memorial Day To this memorable date, the library has a book and illustrative exhibition "Echo of the Afghan War". The exhibition presents documents reflecting the combat past of those who have fulfilled their duty to the end. Readers can get acquainted with the works of the authors, witnesses of that war, as well as documentary and artistic works. The exhibition also shows how the Afghan War was reflected in literary, artistic and journalistic works. The most sincere feelings are caused by the works written by the Afghan soldiers themselves. When you read the lines that came from the battle, passed through the heart, joy and tears, delight and grief, you involuntarily think about the fate of the generation that we used to call peaceful. The books presented at the exhibition, as a living memory of the events of the past years, give the reader a unique opportunity to "talk" with those whose youth was scorched by the hot Afghan sun. The materials of the exhibition reflected the combat