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Wars- Afghans, our fellow countrymen

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In Russia, this date is celebrated every year — February 15, the day of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. In 1989, the Government of the Soviet Union finally withdrew a limited contingent of troops from the territory of this state. This terrible war, which was initially silent, brought grief and pain to many families. Many of those who went through this war are currently continuing to work in a variety of professional fields, including in the EMERCOM of Russia. We pay tribute to the soldiers and officers, to all those who remained faithful to their oath to the end, fulfilled their duty at the cost of their lives. Participants of another war live next to us. A war we know very little about. This is the war in Afghanistan. A presentation "Afghan soldiers, our fellow countrymen" was prepared for schoolchildren. 8 people served from the Biyurgan rural settlement in Afghanistan.