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"Nekrasov will be remembered in generations of people"

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December 10 is the birthday of the great Russian poet Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov. His work has been familiar to everyone since childhood. Among the most famous works are "Grandfather Mazai and Hares", "Poet and Citizen", "Frost, Red Nose", "Who lives well in Russia"… But even if the poet had not created any of these poems and poems, his name would have entered the treasury of Russian culture, since for thirty years he headed the most authoritative magazines of his time – Sovremennik and Otechestvennye Zapiski. The works of Herzen, Turgenev, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Ostrovsky, Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy were published on their pages. It is planned to arrange a book exhibition in honor of the great Russian poet, writer, publisher and public figure Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov in the Ishteryakovskaya rural library.